Meet Val, Your Elliot Lake Real Estate Agent

For most people, selling their existing home and searching for a new one in the Elliot Lake area is a very stressful time: A lot of people in Elliot Lake originally lived in Southern Ontario and the transition between cultures is not always an easy one.

And that is why I offer my full-range of extended services.

Valerie Ralph Elliot Lake Real Estate Agent

Every challenge has a solution and it is my job to find those solutions.

I'm More Than Just Your Real Estate Agent

As a real estate representative, it has always been important to me to make myself available to my clients.

Simple things like returning calls as quickly as possible are important to clients and it’s crucial that the client know I am aware and that the solutions to their challenges will be taken care of by me, quickly and efficiently.

With more than 25 years of experience, I have sold many different types of homes over the span of my career and have many strengths that I bring to my clients in both the buying and selling of residential real estate properties.

I also possess a wealth of knowledge of how the pieces of buying and selling come together. Whether it’s new home construction or a resale home, each comes with its own particular obstacles and challenges that I quickly solve for my clients.

But bringing both sellers and buyers together is just the first step.

Once I moved to Elliot Lake, the practice of being a Realtor would change in so many ways. Reflecting back,  it was a return to a simpler way of work and life and I would need to find ways to help clients in ways I would not have thought of in my previous practice.

For most of the newer  ‘Elliot Lakers’, like myself, we have lived most of our lives in Southern Ontario and are leaving behind family and familiarity for a new beginning.

Life here can be – and usually is – much, much different than it was in the bigger cities and metropolitan areas. For example, what used to be a simple trip to the local ‘Canadian Tire’ can now take several hours.

Buying a retirement property in Elliot Lake means more planning ahead in terms of finding the right contractors for renovations, places to buy furnishings, moving companies, disposal companies, shopping in general and more.

In addition to selling you your new home, I offer the extra supports and services you will need to make your move and overall transition a successful one.

You need a real estate agent who will continue to offer support after the sale of the home is complete.

I am that agent.


I Love Elliot Lake & So Will You

My move to Elliot Lake was in search of a new lifestyle, with a little less stress, perhaps, and making what was becoming old and stale new again.

I am now a proud ‘Elliot Laker’ and love my new home! It has been a little daunting at times, with many challenges and a more than a few obstacles to overcome, but I have learned what it takes to live here and how to make things happen.

For most of us that head down the ‘108’, it’s a big change in lifestyle but one you will find well worth the move. If you are thinking of moving here, I would love to be the one that you choose, to help make it your home.

Our Clients Are Saying Great Things

"Val, we can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and for putting together all of the things we needed most! "
Barb & Mike
"We were nervous about our move to Elliot Lake but you took care of everything and it's worked out great. Thank you."
Sue & Dan
"Buying a retirement property in Elliot Lake was the best thing we've ever done! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!. "
Lori & Steven


Everything always begins with a simple conversation. Give me just 15 minutes of your time and I will explain what I can do for you and all of the benefits you will get by working with me.